Friday, 27 May 2022

The Other Side of Dirty Jobs

There was a show on TV called Dirty Jobs in which the host would work as an apprentice in various dirty and often disgusting jobs.

What was the dirtiest and/or most disgusting job you ever had?

About forty years ago I had one such job myself in which I drove a sewage vacuum truck. The driving of the truck itself was not that bad. From time to time, however, the job required that I climb into the septic tank (yes, after it was pumped out). That part of the job was rather gross to say the least! On more than one occasion I remember my wife saying that she only had to look at my truck and she felt dirty all over. For the longest time after I made the change to a cleaner line of work, my sense of smell seemed dead in me. People might say that something stinks or smells wonderful, and I’d be oblivious to it.

I was reminded of that job again this week when I saw this water truck. Though not a vacuum truck like mine was, I did chuckle when I saw the word septic. However, despite my photo caption that suggests otherwise, I am reasonably sure that they do use different trucks. At least I hope they do. LOL.

Well there you have it; a memory from yesteryear. 😉💩

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