Thursday, 3 March 2022

The Story of My Life

There have been some difficult times of late. Within the past three months, we lost two close friends and one sister. The superstitious would tell us that things happen in three’s. Good thing we’re not superstitious. Still, what do you do with that? I suppose the older we get, the more frequent these things are going to be. Death is, after all, a part of the circle of life. 

Our Christian faith gives us hope beyond the grave, but our humanity still cries with pain for ourselves and the loved ones left behind. In the days following our moods swing back and forth, and socially we become awkward, both wanting the company of others and solitude at the same time.

Recently my better half, my beautiful wife of forty years, shared this video with me. It spoke volumes to us both as we listened to it over and over again. A timely part of the healing process? Perhaps it was. Peace and blessings, friend.

The story of my life, is very plain to read …

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