Sunday, 13 February 2022

Positively Puzzling, Vol. 6

This edition of Positively Puzzling begins with a cartography lesson. This is a bit of a double entendre. Since cartography is about the study, making and using of maps, here too we made a map; a puzzle map of Canada and Newfoundland as it looked in 1867. It was interesting to see how our great country looked at the time of Confederation. Much has changed.

This 1500-piece puzzle featured the Coca-Cola Santa Claus. A funny thing that happened one day was when our granddaughter saw the puzzle and exclaimed, “Nana, look! Lots of Opas!” We thought it cute since she has only ever known me bearded. I’ve been called Santa before, but I wonder if Santa has ever been called Opa before. Hmm. 😉

Check out this link for more interesting history on the famous: Coca-Cola Santa.

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