Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Don’t Lose Your Car Keys!

I lost a car key recently, and with it, a house key. I don’t remember ever losing my keys before. That just doesn’t happen; not to me. I think the last time I had a car key cut it was at a local hardware store. Probably only cost me a couple bucks. Then again, that was also likely back in the 1970’s or 80’s. Hmm.

While one can still get house keys replaced and home locks changed cheaply enough, the same is apparently no longer true for car keys. I went to my local auto dealer to order a replacement key. While not expecting prices of yesteryear, I must say that I was still a little surprised. After all, it was only one key that I wanted and not shares in the company! 😉

Cost: $364.59 upfront, followed by a programming charge of $79.69 when the key arrived. Total cost: $444.28 CDN.

Note to Self: Don’t lose your car keys!

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