Monday, 8 November 2021

Positively Puzzling, Vol. 5


Welcome to
another edition of
Positively Puzzling.

We found this beautiful puzzle in a used store. It reminded us of our precious little granddaughter. It has Princess written all over it and was worthy of mounting and keeping on display in the play room. 

The CP Rail train making its way through the beautiful Canadian Rockies. As a proud western Canadian who has travelled many times through those incredible mountains, this one was a taste of home.


This puzzle was fun to do. It is a part of the Logik Thinkers™ Graffiti Art Collection. It has been mounted and is featured in our home library overlooking a computer monitor. Being watched while on the computer took a little getting used to. LOL.


What collection of puzzles would be complete without at least one featuring man’s best friend? An earlier edition of this blog series also featured several fur-babies.


Finally, this little puzzle came as a free bonus with another gift puzzle that a friend sent us through Amazon. It’s a fun little activity with which to introduce the grandkids to puzzles.


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