Sunday, 22 August 2021

The Other Side of Telephones

I got a text message today from someone I haven’t chatted with for a while. It was really nice to hear from him. It made my day. Nice. ๐Ÿ˜Š

However, it also raised a little pet peeve of mine that I regularly struggle with. Why is it that people say things like, “I haven’t heard from you in a while?” Oh, I know; it’s probably just one of those things that people say without thinking it through. We all do it. I’ve done it too. But what I hear when folks say that is, “YOU haven’t called ME.” Do you ever sense that as well, or is it just me?

Granted, I am far from being the best person to reach out to others. Maybe it’s the introvert in me. However, without making excuses, last I checked …

… phones work two ways. Hmm ๐Ÿค” 

*End of rant!

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