Monday, 2 August 2021

The Other Side of Banking

“I want the last cheque I write to bounce.”  (Chuck Feeney)

We had to laugh! Why? I’m glad you asked. We got a renewal notice in the mail for a magazine subscription. We used to get many, but now there is just the one. We still faithfully subscribe to Legion: Canada’s Military History Magazine. With both of my wife’s parents having served in the Canadian military during WWII, there is a special connection and interest in Legion. However, this post is not about promoting a magazine subscription, though I certainly would recommend it for Canadian history and military enthusiasts.

The funny thing that caused the chuckle was filling out the renewal form. While I could have renewed the subscription with a credit card, I opted for doing so with a cheque instead. In filling out the cheque ledger, I noticed that three cheques back was the entry for my last Legion renewal of two years ago. In two years I only wrote three cheques! Given that there was a time that I probably wrote two to three times that many per month, never mind biennial, I found that strangely amusing!

Electronic banking has clearly moved personal cheque writing closer to the dinosaur age. Even credit cards seem to be moving the same direction, as we can now pay for purchases with a quick scan of our cell phones. The two packs of cheques I still have left in my desk drawer will very likely outlast me. Oh well, maybe my grandchildren can use them for a Show and Tell in school (assuming that is still a thing done in schools). I’m sure that would be as otherworldly to them as me trying to describe the 8-Track players I used to have hanging under the dashboard of my car to their parents.

Yes, It’s an interesting new world we’re living in. Makes me wonder sometimes of what strange new things my grandchildren will see in their lifetimes. They will probably pay for their groceries with a retina scan or some such thing. Given the plethora of changes I’ve already seen in my lifetime, they will probably see as many or more in theirs.

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