Friday, 18 June 2021

The Other Side of Aging

hu-mor-ist n. 1 a person with a strong sense of humour. 2 a humorous talker or writer; a person who tells or writes jokes and funny stories.


Anyone who has known me for a while would probably tell you that, in may ways, the word humorist describes me rather well. You don’t have to look far in this blog to see evidence of that fact. I’m OK with that as there are plenty of worse things that I could be called (and sometimes have been called).

Someone shared this cartoon with me the other day and I am still chuckling at it. Poor old guy; it was an honest mistake, I’m sure. At least he made her some tea.

Now that my better half and I are somewhere north of 60 years of age, we see the humour in jokes like this more and more often. We can laugh at them, because we have started to be able to relate, and in doing so, have learned to laugh at ourselves. Fact is, we’re not getting any younger, so we might as well enjoy life the best that we are able and laugh at aging’s little peculiarities.

Though my eyes are no longer what they once were, thanks to a decent pair of tri-focal lenses I can still  see reasonably well. Having said that, I have discovered that reading small font books is getting a little more cumbersome, and I have even found myself sometimes reaching for a magnifying glass. Likewise, reading on a computer screen often necessitates zooming up to 125% to take the strain off the old eyes. However, I am not complaining. I am confident that I can still tell the difference between my wife and a pumpkin in the vegetable patch. That’s a good thing, right?!

Hearing is another of those little aging peculiarities. It is one thing when couples call to each other from different rooms or floors in the house. Anyone could miss half of those conversations. It is a little more embarrassing when the same thing happens while sitting at the same table. It is also sometimes quite comical. By way of example, I asked my wife recently what day it was. She replied, “Thursday.” I responded, “Well, what would you like to drink?” In all fairness, Thursday and Thirsty sound a lot alike. It was an honest mistake.

So here’s to getting older. Here’s to the freedom of no longer caring what others think. Here’s to poorer vision and questionable hearing. Here’s to retirement and pensions. Here’s to playing with grandchildren, and to giving them back. Here’s to skinny dipping in the backyard (if we want to), and thereby getting the neighbours to pay for all of the new privacy fence.

And finally, here’s to my dear wife of forty years. I’d marry you all over again, Sweetheart. I’m looking forward to celebrating our 100th birthdays together. However, I may need to ask your help in lighting a Cuban cigar to go with our celebratory glass of scotch whiskey. 😉

Postscript: In sharing some of these musings with my father, he replied: “There is an alternative to aging, but I doubt that we would like that more.” That’s great! Humorist? I guess I come by it quite naturally. 😄

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