Sunday, 6 June 2021

Do You Have A Favourite Book?

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.”
Margaret Atwood

I just discovered a new literary genre. Well, it is new to me anyway. What genre is that? I am speaking of biblical fiction. To be honest, I had never even imagined such a thing existed. The words biblical and fiction were never something I considered in the same sentence before, much less as a style of writing. However, as the old mantra says, You can’t knock something until you’ve tried it. While I used to think of that only in terms of food, apparently it applies to reading as well.

Who knew?! πŸ˜‰

Today I finished reading yet another two of the plethora of Ted Dekker books, and the first two that I would call biblical fiction. What can I say? I am now a believer! (Pun fully intended; ha-ha). I could try to tell you what this amazing story is all about, but I am afraid that I just would not do it justice. Instead, rather than reinvent the proverbial wheel, I would really encourage you to click on these two links to learn more:



If you are already a Ted Dekker fan, then you already know that he will carry you away in a story like few others can. If you are not yet a Ted Dekker fan, then I have only two words of caution: (1) His books are not easily put down. As I alluded to on this blog post, I recently went through two other Dekker books, 800-pages total, in just 7-days. (2) Be prepared to very quickly find yourself needing to create more shelf space in your library to accommodate your new favourite Christian thriller and biblical fiction author. Consider yourself warned. With that said, I will also say goodbye for now, because I suspect you’re anxious to connect with your favourite bookseller. 

Closing Thought:

Someone once said, “Asking a bookworm to name their favourite book is like asking a mother to pick a favourite child.” Peace and Blessings, friend. God is good. 😊 

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