Tuesday, 11 May 2021

The Other Side of Essential Travel?

In December 2020 I travelled to visit my parents. Given that we live so far apart, I normally try to do that trip at least twice per year. I remember how the Covid pandemic resulted in all my flights being at least two-thirds empty. It was strangely eerie!

Now, five months later, we just came back from an encore trip. This time, however, the flights all had relatively few empty seats. In fact, they were virtually full. Other than the compulsory masking requirements, you really wouldn’t know there was a pandemic at all. With all the talk of essential travel only, and random check stops at provincial border crossings for road travellers, air travel was pretty much business as usual. Interesting.

This raised a few musings as to the subjectivity of exactly what constitutes essential travel. The term is really in the eyes of the beholder. While many no doubt questioned our decision to travel at this time, in our way of thinking, it was essential that we did so. Having said that, I don’t mention this as a means to justify our decision (it matters not what others think) but rather, as I already said, to show how each family alone decides what is essential to them. Governments cannot possibly say what is or isn’t. It is all subjective. Based upon the full aircrafts, it would seem that my co-travellers would agree. Still, it would have been rather entertaining if that cat, essential travelling with its grumpy owner, had managed to escape. 😉

Finally, on the lighter side, on one flight we were quite amused with the signage we saw on one of the wings: No Step Outside This Area. We laughed as we noticed that no travellers had stepped outside that area, at least none that we observed. Perhaps this calls for kudos to our educational system as apparently everyone could read (Ha-Ha). 😉


In the first two pictures above you can make out Toronto’s CN Tower on the horizon as we descended for a short layover before catching our final flight west (to the Promised Land, as our son had said in jest). 😆

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