Tuesday, 20 April 2021

The Selfie


have to deal
lot of crop.

Got to love these new smartphone cameras and photo apps! It's really quite amazing what you can do with them! I thought this selfie turned out rather well.

Remember the old days?

We would take what we hoped were good pictures, but then have to wait until we used up the whole roll of film before knowing for sure. Next someone had to venture out to a camera shop or some other specialized photo development store to drop the film off. Sigh!

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. Then you had to go back again a few days later, waste more time and burn more gas, just to pick up your pictures. But the good news was, it was like Christmas when you did finally get them back because by then you'd completely forgotten what was on the film in the first place. Surprise!

If you were fortunate, there were more good pictures than bad, and it was worth spending the money to get them developed. Finally when one hour phone service became an option, well, that was just utopic! Ah, those were the days!


Postscript: Yes, the beard is real.

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