Friday, 30 April 2021

The Out of Office Notification

Someone said, “Happiness is an empty inbox.” I can’t relate!

But I can say, Woo-Hoo! Finally time to log off for some much needed R&R! Rest, relaxation, and try to de-stress for a bit. That inbox isn’t going anywhere.

13,790 items? Ugh! 😕

There was a time when I would faithfully try and clean up and organize my inbox, but the longer I am in this job, the more I am convinced that to do so is a futile waste of time. No sooner would I file away twenty emails, than I would be greeted by fifty new ones. Double Ugh! So here’s to some much needed vacation time. I can only imagine what the inbox will look like in two weeks when I return to the office ... 15,000 maybe?

Maybe if I return to the office. Maybe I’ll opt to retire instead. Maybe that’s wishful thinking. Maybe I’ll just try and forget the inbox. Maybe it’s time to log off this iPad too and turn off all social media. Maybe, no, nothing maybe about; it IS time to just unplug and chill.

Consider this my Out of Office notification. 😎  

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