Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Alberta Weather Illustrated

If you don’t like
the weather,
wait an hour.


I don’t know who coined that, but I like it; it describes my home province of Alberta perfectly!

We’re a province of extremes when it comes to weather, and especially here in the southern part of the province where I live. When those wonderful and infamous Chinook winds cascade over the Rockies, you could be shovelling snow off the driveway before work in the morning, and taking in the golf course on the way home afterwards.

I remember a cold snap we had last winter that saw much of the province under a  -55C windchill. Yes, that was a little cold. I almost had to wear a toque and scarf (Ha, Ha). However a week later my wife and I enjoyed an evening cup of coffee on the back deck under a beautiful windless +15C. That’s a 70-degree increase in temperature!

Welcome to Alberta, where the phrase dressing for the weather doesn’t mean anything!

Photo Source: Unknown

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