Saturday, 6 February 2021

Why Is the Rum Gone?

You’re not drinking alone 
if the dog is home.

I love the line in the film series Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack Sparrow says, “Why is the rum gone?” I’ve used that line myself a time or ten over the past year. Why is the rum gone? Well, unlike Captain Jack Sparrow, for me the rum was gone because I quit drinking ... one year ago today.

Why? Good question.

I did so mostly because for me it was simply time. Yes, I enjoyed my rum and scotch whiskey (no, not in the same glass). A good Cuban cigar also often complimented the libation. The cigars have long since been dropped from the menu, but the rum, well, I was starting to enjoy it a little too much; it was starting to become a problem. I did not wish to be an alcoholic, even a functional one. Solution? Drastic as it may seem, quit and quit cold turkey! Gradually cutting back may work for some, but not for me. In my vocabulary there is no such thing as “moderation.” It’s all or it’s nothing. Period!

First you consume the bottle,
then the bottle consumes you.
Source: Unknown
I found an app called Sober Time. It helped to monitor my progress through a series of goals. You can even see how much money you’re saving along the way. It has a stats feature that works based on what you enter as an average daily alcohol expense, and then multiplies it based upon the number of sober days achieved. It’s quite the eye opener! I guess you could even say that it is “sobering” (Ha, pun fully intended). There is even little motivational blurbs to help encourage you along the way.

I do recommend the Sober Time app.

Great as all that is, I do not believe I would have been successful without the power of prayer. Yes, it was interesting to watch the days and months of sobriety count off on the app, but I realize that the real victory came about by the hand of God. He heard my prayer and gave me the strength I needed to achieve the victory. Why is the rum gone? It is gone because of answered prayer, plain and simple, and for that I praise God.

Peace and blessings, friend. God is good. 😊

Habit overcomes habit.”

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