Sunday, 19 April 2020

Alien Thoughts on Pageants and Sports?

"Beauty is not flawless;
it shines even through your flaws."

Call me a prude, but I don't much like beauty pageants. In the same way, I don't much care for body building competitions either, male or female, for the same reasons; they're all so subjective.

As the old adage says, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Who is the beholder? Answer: The judge(s). What makes them so right? Put the same contestants in front of a different judge or panel of judges, and the outcome likely would be very different.

Likewise we've all seen couples who, if we're honest with ourselves, made us wonder "What does she see in him?" or perhaps, "What does he see in her?" Correct me if I am wrong, but sometimes it all seems so much like the old Mutt and Jeff comic strip. In all seriousness, however, there is someone for everyone. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it is completely subjective. As such, maybe everyone is rightly a winner.

However, the main reason that I do not like those pageants and competitions is because of what it indirectly says to the loser, not to mention those who never qualified in the first place. To them it says, "You're not good enough." It reminds me of the child in school who is always picked last for team sports. When she/he is eventually picked, it is little more than to be a bench-warmer, since everyone is supposed to participate. Those last-picks aren't fools, though. They know that the situation indirectly says to them that they are not worthy of a beauty pageant or a body building competition; it says they're not good enough to play on the team.

If I'm not worthy, does that then make me ugly? Does that make me a loser? Of course not, though by default, one could certainly argue that. Taken one step further, what does that then do to the person's self-esteem? Many people have enough trouble with low self-esteem already. Then there is the additional argument that could be made against the flaunting sexuality that often accompanies the parading half-naked bodies across a stage. Do not these kinds of competitions dehumanize others?

Maybe that's why I also have a hard time with professional sports. Society has essentially deified professional athletes with media attention and celebrated them with obscene pay checks. To each their own, I suppose. I mean no disrespect to those who do enjoy such things, but for me personally, I'm reminded of something my grandfather used to say. He would say, "Sports is what you do, not what you watch."

Yes, maybe I'm just an old-fashioned prude; but that's the way I see it. Besides, in my way of thinking, the real beauty pageant winner is my wife. As for the rest of the contestants, I'm sorry for your loss.

End of rant. 😉😏😊

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