Thursday, 23 April 2020

AHS, You Rock

"What if you'd lived every day as if you were our society's future and hope?"

We have some new neighbours a few doors down from us. We've chatted a couple times as I walked past their home while taking my fur-baby out for a stroll. They seem to be a really nice family. Today after work I walked past their home again and saw this new lawn art:

AHS 💟 You Rock

As one who also proudly works in healthcare, and has seen some of the pressures first hand, I can wholeheartedly concur. Yes, Alberta Health Services; You Rock! That's awesome!

So here's to healthcare workers, not just here in my home province of Alberta, but healthcare workers everywhere. Thank you for your compassion and professional care during these difficult times of global pandemic. Thank you for all that you do; it is appreciated. And a big thank you also to my neighbour's kids for such a wonderful tribute and reminder. You guys rock too!


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