Wednesday, 26 February 2020

of Playing in Canadian Streets

FA·CE·TIOUS. adjective. Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour; flippant.


You've got to love this time of year! We've still technically got plenty of our Canadian winter left, but already golf enthusiasts are discovering that many communities have already opened up several new golf courses. You'll probably find one or two on a street near you. How cool is that?!

My dad once wrote a letter to the mayor suggesting that they rename the street on which he lived 'Rollercoaster Alley,' since the potholes had become so bad and plentiful. The interesting thing was that, within a day of the arrival of Dad's letter in the mayor's office, there were crews out filling the worst of the potholes. Kudos to that mayor! I could think of a few other politicians, both municipal and federal, who could probably learn a lesson or two from him. But I've digressed.

This is not about golfing and potholes.

Playing in the street and on the railroads is perfectly legal in Canada, as evidenced by some of the many groups of children across the country out enjoying the fresh air and playing their little protest games while police and liberal politicians politely look on, presumably waiting for their turn to play. What fun! We've evolved into such a nice polite society, after all, not wanting to hurt their little feelings, especially in these young formative years. Back in the day responsible parents used to caution their children not to play in the street and on railroad tracks, but what did they know?! It's nice to see that those old archaic ways are finally behind us and that the whole world is now our playground.

What we're left with after removing all oil-based products?
Work? Who needs to work? We'll just all think nice happy thoughts of trees and bumble bees, and all will be fine. So get outside and enjoy the day. Invite your friends. Bring your flags, pallets and other junk to block the roads and the rail lines. Oh, and whatever you do, don't forget the golf clubs. There are already plenty of new holes for your enjoyment, and if not, I'm sure you can always dig up a few more. Who knows; if you ask nicely, the police and liberal politicians might even help lend a hand as they watch you play.

It's your world now, kids. I can't wait to see what you do with it now that us old know-nothing boomers are gradually dying off. Just one word of advice: When playing in traffic, play safe; trucks and trains don't stop on a dime. Cheers!

  • I usually try to avoid political stuff, but on this subject, I've made a tongue 'n cheek exception.
  • For more on all this fun and games, Google: Canada Protests 2020.
  • Facetiousness and satire fully intended.
  • Photo Sources: Unknown.

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