Sunday, 15 December 2019

Is Living Hazardous to Your Health?

Someone shared an article on social media recently of how a popular diabetes medication is being investigated for possibly containing a cancer-causing contaminant. Why am I not surprised? The good news is, that your diabetes is under control. The bad news is, you may get cancer because of it. A person could go nuts trying to stay on top of all these things that could potentially harm you, and even cause ones premature demise. Sigh!

I suspect that most people are probably reasonably concerned with their health. They go for regular medical check ups, get a variety of regular tests done, and follow the prescribed medications where needed. The doctor notices a case of borderline diabetes, and prescribes a common standard treatment. I am for the most part, not a conspiracy theorist; the doctor is not out to get us in any malicious way, and I don't think they are in cahoots with the big pharmaceuticals either.

Fact is, a lot of things could potentially cause cancer. In this case, if you were to read beyond just the headline, the contaminate being investigated is also the same contaminate found in water and other foods. Does that mean that we should quit drinking water and eating certain foods too?

Granted, some people may have had adverse reactions to the medication in question. Maybe for some it is a horrible drug. Then again, for others it's a life-saver. Some people also have adverse reactions to Tylenol, but that doesn't mean that Tylenol doesn't work wonders for many other folks. Bottom line is, in conjunction with my doctor, we'll find the right medication that works for me. It may not work for someone else, but if it works for me, then all is good.

Yes, there is always a chance that there may be a negative side effect from the foods that we eat and the medications that we take, but there is also probably the greater potential side effect of getting hit by a truck on our morning commute to the workplace. There is probably a greater risk that authorities will one day knock on our door and inform our significant other that we will not be coming home due to an unfortunate accident. Does that mean that we should all move into bubble-wrapped homes? Does that mean that we should no longer go to work? Nice thought, but, Hmm …

… would that really be living life to the full?

Of course we should all try and take care of ourselves and not overly abuse our bodies. Yes, eat right. Yes, get the proper rest. Yes, exercise some every day. Yes, take medications only as prescribed by your family physician. However, at the risk of sounding somewhat morbid, the healthy and the sick, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, will all alike one day … die. If I were to constantly fret over every little thing that I eat or drink, if I were to constantly second-guess the doctor's orders with regards to my prescribed medications, what kind of life is that?

I guess, as the old quip goes, it would really suck to one day die of … absolutely nothing.

I love the image of the elderly lady celebrating her 100th birthday, by lighting a cigar off one of the candles on her birthday cake. Though I personally quit smoking many years ago, I remember mentioning to my wife that, if I too live to see my 100th birthday, I fully intend to celebrate it with a big-old Cuban cigar and a glass of old single-malt scotch whiskey. And why not?!

The bottom line is, as I've often mused, that …

… living is hazardous to your health.

Maybe it is. Maybe longevity has more to do with the proverbial luck of the draw and/or the plan of Almighty God. Who am I to say? Some die at twenty, some at one hundred and ten, and others somewhere in between. But worrying about every little thing that may or may not happen, is also not healthy, and is also not really … living. It's kind of sad, actually.

Just my two-cents worth. Peace, and may you live life to the full. Cheers!

Read source diabetes medication article here

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Granny's 100th Birthday Photo Source: Unknown

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