Wednesday, 6 February 2019

How To Get Your Case Thrown Out Of Court?

Did you hear about the two bed bugs that met in a mattress? They got married in the "spring."


Have you ever been dragged into court? Maybe "dragged" is the wrong word, but you were in a situation where an unwanted court visit was a necessary evil. Now what?! Wouldn't it be nice if there were some way out of it?

Maybe there is.

It would seem that a lawyer attending court in Oklahoma managed to do just that when he showed up in court with … are you ready for this ... "an abundance of bed bugs falling out of his clothing." Yup, you read that right; bed bugs!!! Apparently, according to the article, the lawyer was so non-chalant about it, that he didn't even seem to notice the bugs crawling all over him or the files that he had laid on the desk. Now maybe it's just me, but I very quickly notice and get annoyed by even one fly or mosquito taking up residence on my body; how could one apparently not even notice, much less seem to care, about an infestation of bed bugs hitching a ride on one's body? Now maybe if he were headed to Walmart, that might be overlooked (Yuk, Yuk), but he was headed to court to presumably defend some poor sap! The court building was apparently evacuated and closed down. Go figure!!!

Are you grossed out yet?

Begs the question, however, as to what happened to the cases on the docket for that day. As much as we might like to think that they were thrown out of court, they were probably simply rescheduled when everyone was just too "bugged" to continue on that day (Yuk, Yuk).

Morale of the Story: If a lawyer is necessary, find one with bugs? Hmm. 😆😆😆

Got a phantom itch that suddenly needs scratching? Sorry.

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Photo Source: Shena Tschofen; Flickr Creative Commons

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