Saturday, 10 November 2018

Your Politics May Be Broken If ...

"Reader, suppose you were 
an idiot. And suppose you were 
a member of Congress. 
But I repeat myself."
~Mark Twain


Though I try very hard not to get caught up in its drama, I must confess that sometimes I do get bugged by what I perceive to be the stupidity of politics. I mean, really; what the sh*t was that?! Case and point, this from the recent US political landscape …

In one state's recent elections, 70% of voters apparently voted for a candidate that they knew was … wait for it … DEAD! Yup … DEAD! Stop, and let that one sink in for a minute. Hmm.

Your politics may be broken if …

As I delved into this weird polling booth story a little further, it would seem that in this case, the Republican party encouraged their supporters to vote for the dead candidate rather than cast a ballot for the opposing Democrats.

Sorry, but if I were to be just a little facetious in reading between the lines, I would have to wonder if they were suggesting that a Republican corpse would be better able to support the local constituents than a live Democrat. Ouch! At the risk of sounding too simplistic, is that what was being implied? It certainly sounds that way, though in all fairness there's no doubt more to the story. The more likely truth is that the Republicans were simply trying to force a by-election rather than accept a default Democrat win, since it was apparently too late to get Dennis Hof replaced on the ballot after his recent death. OK, fair enough.

Still, I cannot help but chuckle at my former facetious explanation. Vote for __________. After all, what's life got to do with it? A bit of a double entendre there. What do politicians really know about life, and specifically, the lives of those of those they supposedly represent? The only time there is any semblance of pseudo-caring of constituent's lives is at election time. Even then it's questionable. But whatever the motive, it all sounds shady, underhanded and shyster-ish. Hmm.

Your politics may be broken if …

Ironic? Maybe, but if the shoe fits ...
Ultimately I guess it really doesn't mater what one's political persuasion is; ALL politicians have their own political blunders and agendas on their resumes, and the truth of the matter is, one will NEVER completely satisfy all voters anyways, no matter how hard one tries. In the end, as someone has so eloquently stated, one has to vote for the "lessor of the evils." Unfortunately, voting for the "lessor of the evils," is still voting for evil.

Maybe it is time to completely abolish party politics. Maybe it's time for real regional representation that is free to vote in favour of their constituents wishes rather than those dictated by the party leader. Maybe it's time that we re-evaluate and re-think our so-called democratic systems, which of late seem almost more like dictatorships than democracy. Maybe it's time that we stop kidding ourselves and stop voting for dead men, be that literally or figuratively.

Just my two-cents worth. End of rant. Peace.

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