Saturday, 3 November 2018

Share a Coke with Will

Woo-Hoo! I won the lottery!

Well, not quite, but I did find a Coke with my name on it. That's more than I can say for ever finding a winning lottery ticket. So I guess in a sense, I'm still a winner.

Yes, I am a Coke fan. Not the diet sugar-free varieties with their artificial sweeteners, but good old fashioned, real sugar infused, Coke. I'm not into the so-called No Name colas, such as Pepsi (with all due respects to Pepsi fans; sorry, I couldn't resist a friendly little poke. LOL). As Richie Sambora is quoted to have said, "At the end of the day, if you're going to buy a can of Coke, you want the real thing." I couldn't agree more; why simply settle for less? Coke fan? Maybe that's too soft a term. Coke snob is probably more apropos.

When I discovered the Coke bottle with my name on it in our workplace cafeteria, a coworker mentioned to me something to the effect that she will never find her name on a bottle of Coke. I used to think that too. But as it turns out, for all you fellow Coke fans/snobs who still cannot find your name, Coca-Cola apparently has a solution. If you visit their online store at, you can order your own personalized bottle of Coke, be it with your name, favourite sports team logo, or almost anything else. Also, if you're still struggling to find that perfect Christmas gift for that hard to shop for person, here's an idea. You're welcome.

So here's to finding that beautiful bottle of Coke, made even more beautiful with my name on it. "Share a Coke with Will?" Why, yes, I think I'll do that. Oh, and by the way, lunch today just became that much more enjoyable too. Cheers!

"The Coke bottle is a masterpiece of scientific, functional planning. In simpler terms, I would describe the bottle as well thought out, logical, sparing of material and pleasant to look at." - Raymond Loewy

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