Thursday, 22 March 2018

Smoke and Whiskers

A few years ago, when I was given a new Bradley Smoker for Father's Day, I suddenly discovered a new passion and hobby … smoking meat.

Since then I've experimented with everything from beef jerky to sirloin tip to meatloaf, from pork loin to sausages, from chicken to salmon, and even a variety of veggies. Often I would wrap some of these in a bacon-weave to make them even more exotic. Most weekends, if you were over at our place, you would see and smell the smoke rising from the old smoker. And if you followed my blog, The Other Side of Will, you would see the story and some pics behind many of these foodie creations.

I've enjoyed following several websites and social media communities that share the same passion for the smoker and barbecue, such as the BBQ Pit Boys. I've learned a lot from them and their members, and also shared a few posts of my own of some of my experiments. As such, I was only too happy to support the BBQ Pit Boys by starting an official chapter of my own here in Southern Alberta.

So, I'd like to introduce you to, Smoke and Whiskers, an official BBQ Pit Boys chapter. We can be found on Facebook at: Smoke and Whiskers.

OK, as any foodie will tell you, they understand the "smoke" part, but what's what's with the "whiskers" part? Well, the "whiskers" part simply pays tribute to the fact that I've been bearded for most of my adult life; I was bearded in my wedding pictures over 36 years ago, and though a little greyer now, I remain bearded still. Ah, whiskers! As someone once said, "God only made so many perfect faces; the rest are clean shaven."

So, what keeps you up at night? What do you mediate upon?

For me it's often the next exotic foodie idea, such as my plan to smoke a whole pig this summer for an upcoming family reunion. I confess that I've never tried that before, but such is the life of a foodie. No recipe, no magic formula; just an idea to be experimented with and sometimes tweaked on subsequent attempts. But you know you're doing something right when leftovers are often scarce and even the wife goes for a second helping.

Happy smoking. Peace.

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