Sunday, 4 February 2018

Lessons My Grandson Taught Me; Part 9

One year after his birth, my grandson continues to teach me lesson after lesson. Why does this still surprise me? Hmm, I wonder.

First, time flies! Old cliche perhaps, but recently a mantra that has been refreshed in this old man's baby-mushed mindset. How could it be that this little boy, who was only born yesterday (?), has already celebrated his first birthday? Really? If I wasn't personally there to witness it, I never would have believed it! I have a one-year old grandson? It would seem that we have just graduated from infant to toddler. How did that happen?

Secondly, while the party was fun, chasing the balloons with Opa was more fun than the cake. Having said that, discovering the marshmallows on Opa's cheesecake, was pretty awesome too. Sorry, Mom, but they were pretty good. Ahh, sugar! Balloons are pretty neat too. My grandson and his Opa spent a significant amount of the birthday party punting those balloons around the party room's floor. So much fun! Unfortunately, I suspect that, based upon what I've seen in friend's posts recently, it may be not too far down the road, before expensive electronic games become the "fun" of the day. Sigh; the very thought makes today's lessons that much sweeter. Innocent old-fashioned fun! How wonderful is that?!

Thirdly, my grandson appears to think that girls can be pretty awesome too. Is it too early for a one-year old to have a girlfriend? LOL. At least one young lady at the party thought that he was pretty hot. As she and her sibling and Mom were about to leave, this little girl came over to my grandson and gave him a big hug. How sweet! There's something about an older woman, my boy; we'll continue this discussion at a later date. For the record, your Nana is older than your Opa too. LOL.

Fourth, my grandson and his Opa's fur-baby seemed to hit it off pretty good. There really is something about a young boy and a dog that is hard to explain. Fur baby and my grandson seemed to be quite interested in each other. The look on my grandson's face, immortalized on digital film, of my fur-baby sticking her nose in my grandson's ear, will never be forgotten. And when he crawled across the floor, only to be followed by fur-baby, not in an act of aggression, but rather in an act of motherly-protectivness, well, that sealed their communal understanding of each other. Grandson, One; Fur-Baby, One. Yes, the lesson my grandson taught me is, surrigate mom's sometimes wear fur. Heaven help the person who ever tries to harm my grandson, at least while my fur-baby is within strike zone. Generally, fur-baby is not much of a people person, like me, but she has seemed to have developed a bond and understanding with my grandson. For that, I am grateful.

I cannot wait to see what lessons he will teach me next. Peace.

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