Thursday, 8 February 2018

Four Important Barbecuing Lessons

I learned some very important lessons while trying to barbecue some ribs the other day that I thought I should share here on TOSoW.

They are:

1. Be Prepared. It's really important to have all your ingredients together before you start cooking. Check your pantry and refrigerator, make your shopping list, and visit your favourite grocer before firing up your grill. There's nothing as bad (and embarrassing) as being ready for the final basting of your foodie creation, only to find out that you're out of your favourite barbecue sauce. Your guests will never let you live that one down.

2. Read the Ingredients. It's really important to take the time to read the ingredients on the label before simply grabbing the package and hurrying to the checkout. I know, you need to hurry; the ribs are probably drying out by now anyways. However, just because the package has a picture of succulent juicy-looking ribs, and just because it even says "BBQ Rib Flavored" on the package, doesn't necessarily mean that you're about to buy what you think you're buying.

3. Shop Sober. This point is directly related to point number two above. If you've already had a few beers at the grill-side, and who doesn't enjoy a a couple cold ones at the BBQ, you're much more likely to make an error while shopping too. Besides, unless you're walking to the store, you probably shouldn't be behind the wheel in that condition anyways.

4. Don't Have the Wrong Kind of Party. If you still managed to mess up on points 1-3 above, cheer up; on the bright side you may still find yourself prepared for a party. Unfortunately, it's probably the wrong kind of party, in that it's likely not really the kind of BBQ rib flavour your guests had in mind when they accepted your invitation. But then again, I could be wrong.

Well there you have it, my fellow barbecue enthusiasts; my Four Important Barbecuing Lessons. Be prepared, read the ingredients, shop sober, and don't end up having the wrong kind of party. Your guests will probably thank you for it, and you won't have to face the embarrassment of their ridicule and joking for years to come.

Your welcome 😏😏😏

But Seriously: While it made for great blog fodder, is that picture for real? LOL. Hmm 😆😆😆

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