Thursday, 18 January 2018

Vegetarianism: A Demonic Connection?

I knew it! I just knew it! I always thought there must be a correlation between vegetarianism and demonic possession, and now here's the proof. Ha, Ha.


I don't know where this originated from; I saw it on Facebook and had to laugh. Vegetarianism on a "doorways to demonic possession" list??? Ha, Ha.


But seriously, I don't even know what half this stuff on this list is. Video games and rock music are also of the devil like the meat abstainers? Well, maybe Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell" is (I'm being facetious. Sorry Mr. Aday), but all rock music? That's a blow below the belt! I guess I'm doomed too! Postmodernism? Harry Potter? (Don't tell my son). Really? And besides, how can one take a list like this seriously when even marijuana is misspelled? LOL.

So with all due respect to my vegetarian friends, sorry for poking a little fun at your expense. I meant no harm. I'm pretty sure that vegetarianism has nothing to do with the devil or possession by his cronies. We all know, after all, that the word "vegetarian" is nothing more than an ancient word that originally meant "poor hunter."

So to all you poor hunters out there, if you'll excuse me; this carnivore has to go and check on the ribs, wings and brisket in the old smoker. There will be some good eating at the pit tonight, Martha. Peace.

"Primarily I'm a meat man, although once in a while
I toy with a few vegetables." - Nat King Cole

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