Saturday, 20 January 2018

of Wine Stoppers and Alcohol Abuse

So I'm a little confused about something. Some inventions, in my humble opinion, simply make no sense at all.

What is the point behind all those "wine stoppers?" I mean, really; why would anyone want to stop wine? Should wine not be allowed to flow freely? I mean, really? Stop the flow of wine? Why? In my way of thinking, that makes no sense at all. Or am I missing something here?

Please don't misunderstand me. Like most people, I believe that everything needs to be done in moderation; no more than one bottle of wine at a time, is my personal and carnal rule. But once that bottle of wine has been uncorked and allowed to breathe, and to swirl around in my wine glass, it almost seems like alcohol abuse to then stick a wine stopper in the bottle and put it away. Why on earth would you do that? If you ask me, that's little more than sacrilege!

I cannot prove this, but I am convinced that an opened bottle of wine will quickly go bad if resealed and not properly disposed of the same day it's uncorked. Nobody wants to drink bad wine, do they? Of course not!

So stop abusing alcohol and throw away those horrible wine stoppers! Stop the sacrilege and enjoy your wine; all of it. Remember: Wine stoppers were invented by tea-toddlers; and what do they know anyways?

So here's to you. Cheers!

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