Saturday, 27 January 2018

Her Mom Is Her … What?

Her mom is her … what?

Many of us have pet words we use to describe our loved ones. They're often sweet terms of endearment; nicknames of sorts, personal, affectionate, often a little mushy, maybe descriptive, and sometimes quite private.

And who doesn't love their mom?!

But I'm afraid that I just don't understand this person's description of her mom. My mom has always been lots of things to me, but I confess that I've never thought of her as an "angle." Just what is she trying to say? Here's how my dictionary defines that little word in her tattoo:
an-gle n., v. -gled, -gling. 1. the space between two lines extending in different directions from the same point or two surfaces extending from the same line. 2. the figure formed by two such lines or surfaces. 3. the difference in direction between two such lines or surfaces: The roads lie at an angle of about 45 degrees. 4. a corner. 5. Informal. point of view. 6. Informal. a means or method of obtaining an advantage, especially an unfair one: She always has an angle for getting the better of you. 7. one aspect of something; phase.

-v. 1. move at an angle. 2. present (something) with a particular point of view or a prejudice; slant.

an-gle v. -gled, -gling. 1. fish with a hook and line. 2. try to get something by using tricks or schemes (used with for): to angle for an invitation.

An-gle n. a member of a Germanic tribe that migrated from what is now Denmark to England in the fifth century A.D.

An-gler n. 1. a person who fishes with a hook and line. 2. a person who tries to get something by using tricks an schemes. 3. any of an order (Pediculati, also called Lophiiformes) of bottom-living fishes that lure their prey within reach by means of a modified spine that projects from the head over the mouth, attracting other fish; especially, one species (Lophius piscatorius) found along the Atlantic coasts of North America and Europe.

Well there you have it. I guess what she's saying is that her mom is "the space between two lines" or "the difference between two such lines." Maybe mom is "a corner" and not only has a point of view, but IS a "point of view." Perhaps mom likes fishing and the tattoo artist simply forgot to add the "R" to "angle" … Mom's an angler???

It could be that what she was trying to say was that her mom has Germanic roots and she's simply showing how proud she is of her heritage. After all, those ancestry sites seem to be all the rage for many these days.

No, I'm being facetious, of course! It's likely a safe bet that either she or her tattoo artist (or both) simply suffer from an all too common ailment today, and that is the inability to spell. I'll bet that what she wanted to say was "My mom is my angel." That does sound better than "angle."

Spelling mistakes happen. It's one thing to accidentally spell something wrong. Perhaps you even discovered a typo or two here in this post. Could happen. However, here they can still easily be corrected and no one would be the wiser. A tattoo, however, has a little more permanence attached to it. Yes, it too can also be corrected, but it begs the question as to why one wouldn't enlist some assistance with proof reading before visiting the tattoo studio.

I'm reminded of a story I once heard about a man who had some oriental letters tattooed on his body. He couldn't read them but was told that they meant peace, hope and joy. That all sounded blissful and cool enough, until one day the man met a woman who could read the letters. The woman asked the man, "Why do you have 'number four beef and broccoli' tattooed on your arm?"

Well there you have it. Spellchecking and editors are always a good thing. So is learning the English language beyond a Grade Three level. For further related reading, you may also want to see: Do We Need A Little Grammar Workshop?


Caveat: I know, I've assumed this person's gender, a sometimes dangerous thing to do in today's world. If I got it wrong, please know that no offence was intended. Definition: The "angle" definition taken from the Gage Canadian Dictionary.

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