Friday, 15 December 2017

Not Your Mama's Steak Sandwich

My dear wife took out a package of sandwich steak meat out of the freezer yesterday, thinking some form of steak sandwich might form the basis of our supper that night.

As is often the case, when dinner is left up to me to create, you had better step aside; this hobby cook is anything but predictable.

Here's how this particular steak creation happened:

Like all good steaks, I began with a generous sprinkling of steak seasoning as a rub. In this case I used Weber's Chicago Steak Seasoning. To this I added Heinz's yellow mustard with jalapeno.

I could almost taste it already!
Then the creativity continued with the addition of some left over chili I had in the fridge. "Waste not, want not," says the old proverb, and so a little fridge cleaning seemed appropriate. Besides, it looked like a combination that could work.

Next a half garlic pickle on each steak seemed like an interesting touch that could also work. At this point I was reminded of an similar German recipe Mom used to make called Rouladen to which she also added pickles. Oh, how I loved that dish with its dumplings and red cabbage! To this day it's one of my favourites, but I've digressed.

These steaks were then rolled and held together with a couple toothpicks. Mom used to use sewing thread to tie hers up, which is something that I too thought of doing before settling on the toothpicks. I guess it doesn't really matter, so long as they're held together through the cooking process. I imagined the toothpicks a little easier to remove later than the sewing thread.

Then it was time for some serious quick cooking in my favourite cast iron fry pan, which had been preheated with some Canola Oil. They were then regularly turned to create a nicely browned surface on all sides.

Once browned on all sides, the steaks were transferred from the cast iron pan into an oven-friendly casserole dish to continue their cooking process.

But first, one more step ...

I then took a can of Heinz Chipotle BBQ Style Beans, added one medium sized chopped onion, some cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder, and mixed it all together. I poured this concoction on top of my rolled sandwich steak.

This was then put into the oven, covered in foil, for about three-quarters of an hour to finish the cooking process on the beef, and to allow the beans to heat up. In retrospect I thought that I maybe should also have wrapped the rolled steaks in bacon, but at the time, I forgot. Oh well, when you're shooting from the hip and working without a recipe, that's a risk one takes. Besides, there's always next time.

Well there you have it, fellow foodies. I enjoyed it, and perhaps more importantly, I wowed my wife with this creation. So at the end of the day, I guess that's all that matters. As someone once said, "Happy wife, happy life." 😍

One caveat, however: I wouldn't recommend eating the toothpicks; they didn't brown very well and they were a little chewy (ha, ha).

Until next time, my foodie groupies, happy eating. Peace.

* For another similar foodie creation, see Good Food: Nothing is More Blissful

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