Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Lessons My Grandson Taught Me; Part 7

Well yet another Christmas has officially past. This one, however, was marked with three new "firsts." It was the first Christmas that my son was unable to make the trip home with his lovely wife due to work restraints. Thankfully we had the opportunity to celebrate with them three weeks earlier in their home. Secondly, it was the first Christmas in perhaps a dozen years or more that my wife and I decided to put up a Christmas tree. Though there have always been some simple decorations, conspicuously absent in recent years has been the Christmas tree. Thirdly, it was the first Christmas that we got to share with a precious little man; our grandson's first Christmas.

The third "first" explains our decision on the second "first."

The Christmas Eve that we got together saw opportunity for my grandson to once again teach me a few new things; important things, amazing things, awe-inspiring things.

I learned that a Christmas tree can be a beautiful thing. I guess, though we haven't had one in a long time, I always knew that. However, it took an almost eleven month old little boy, sitting on the floor looking up at a massive seven and a half foot tall Christmas tree, with its 600 blinking LED lights and its many beautiful decorations, to make me sit down with him, stare at the tree, and for at least a few moments, be equally in awe. Just the look on his face alone made the whole day almost magical. I guess it took my grandson's first Christmas to teach me that.

I learned that the time that followed that initial Christmas tree discovery was equally precious. Though we've always prioritized family time at Christmas, this year was different with a little man crawling around the floor, walking around furniture, and playing with toys. My grandson taught me that apparently its perfectly alright to throw a ball in the house. He's already got a throwing arm that makes me think that his Nana and I may very well be spending some time at the ball diamonds before long. Wow!

I learned that my little grandson, at less than eleven months of age, has already figured out what to do with toy vehicles, as he was busy driving (yes, on its wheels) a little red fire truck across the floor. Balls were for throwing; trucks were for driving. Smart kid; how did he learn that already?!

I learned that fear is not something that he has yet learned, and that one has to always be on the proverbial ball with him. I turned my back for a fraction of a moment, only to find out that he had crawled over to my favourite chair, stepped on a toy, and pulled himself up face-first into the seat of the chair to retrieve his little yellow ball. Good thing his Mom and Nana were close at hand.

I learned that walking appears to be just around the corner, as he's constantly pulling himself up on furniture and walking around it by holding on with one hand, all the while either grasping a toy in the other, or taking a brave step away from the furniture to something else that has caught his attention. Having said that, I'm starting to wonder if he'll spend much time actually walking at all; he'll probably go straight to running.

I learned that, despite my objections that he's certainly still much too young for such adventures, he himself obviously thinks differently. I've come to understand the old adage that says, "They grow up much too quickly."

I learned that with this little man in our lives, his Nana and I will likely not need to visit a gym again for a very long time; chasing him will give us all the exercise we need, and we're perfectly okay with that. We thank God every day for this precious little bundle of (active) joy that He has blessed us and his parents with.

Yes, Christmas 2017 was filled with "firsts" that I won't soon forget.

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