Friday, 22 December 2017

Good Food: Nothing is More Blissful

I confess that I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy. My ideal dinner will contain both, at least if I get my way it will. Being somewhat of a hobby cook, you've got to believe that I also like experimenting  with different culinary creations, and I usually do so without recipes.

Today's foodie experiment saw a slight twist on another recent steak experiment that I called Not Your Mama's Steak Sandwich.

"Let food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food." (attributed to Hippocrates)

Today's "medicine" started once again with sandwich steak meat, rubbed with some Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning. I then boiled some red potatoes, skin on, and mashed them with some jalapeño cream cheese, some chopped raw onions, and a little milk. Next I spread the mashed potatoes directly on top of the seasoned sandwich steak.

Then it was time to loosely roll the meat up, not too tight, lest the mashed potatoes get squeezed out. As with the previous experiment that I linked to above, the rolls were held together with toothpicks.

Would you look at that? That's almost exotic! I'm afraid I'd make a lousy vegetarian; I simply cannot imagine not having meat in my diet!

"Vegetarian, an old word that some say originally meant Poor Hunter." (LOL. Probably not)

Anyways, I've digressed; back to the foodie experiment.

Next it was time to brown the rolled steak in my trusty cast iron fry pan that had been preheated with some Canola oil. The meat was repeatedly turned until the outer edges were nicely browned (and until the dog went crazy with the smells and started salivating on the kitchen floor).

Finally the rolls were transferred into a glass casserole dish. To keep it moist and to create a bit of a side dish, some canned chipotle BBQ beans were added. A little foil covering, and into the oven to finish cooking the meat, as well as heat up the beans.

Well there you have it. Another foodie experiment turns out to be a success.

"Eating good food is my favourite thing in the whole world.
Nothing is more blissful." (Justine Larbalestier)

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