Sunday, 31 December 2017

Cheese Buns Remake

My dear wife made some amazing homemade buns for part of our Christmas dinner this year. They were enjoyed by all (my wife has the best buns; take that any way you want -LOL) 😉. However, as is often the case with special holiday meals, there are usually lots of leftovers from which to attempt a little creativity. Those awesome buns were no exception.

And that's where my foodie-ness spirit came in. How about some cheese buns, I thought, with which to watch the football game (my condolences for your loss to Seattle, Dallas 😉 - sorry, couldn't resist). But these must not just be the usual ho-hum type of cheese buns; these needed to be stepped up a notch. We wouldn't be disappointed.

The buns were sliced in half and dipped in a little melted butter (butter, NOT margarine). Then were added some thinly sliced raw onion, and some thinly sliced Armstrong Old Cheddar (my favourite). Next came some slices of pre-cooked bacon, but not overcooked so as to dry it out. Finally, after a nice slice of fresh tomato, it was time for a generous sprinkling of Cracker Barrel Habanero Monterey Jack grated cheese. After spending enough time in the oven to melt the cheeses and slightly toast the buns, it was time to enjoy the game with some awesome munchies.

Well there you have it, my fellow foodies; cheese buns will never be the same again.

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