Monday, 20 November 2017

Thanksgiving Overeating and How to Control It

People often say that they eat way too much on the holidays. After all, there's nothing quite as grand as a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, wouldn't you say? Yum!

But it's easy to get carried away, as in the case of this dinner that registered at a whopping 79,000 calories!

Well, the good folks at Craig's recognize that over eating is an all too common holiday problem. After all, they too enjoy the elegantly spread festive tables as much as we all do; tables filled with turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and sweet yams, rich gravy and stuffing and cranberry sauce. And let's not forget the pumpkin pies and fresh whipped cream! Like you and me, they too have been known to over eat a time or two.

So to help us all slow down our calorie intake at holiday dinners, they proudly introduce their Thanksgiving dinner in a can. They're certain that, you not only won't be going back to the trough for seconds, you likely will lose your appetite well before even finishing your first serving.

So go ahead and enjoy your festive family gatherings, and leave it to Craig's to help control the excessive eating and calorie intake.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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