Sunday, 16 April 2017

Expensive Lawn Art

I think my heart just skipped a couple beats.

I was leafing through a local car and RV dealers flyer/magazine, the kind that are distributed for free at various news stands and other public places, when I saw this picture advertising a "sale price" of $739,650. I couldn't help but wonder what the regular price was. Hmm.

Oh, I'm sure it's very nice (it ought to be for $0.7M), and at that price, I suspect that potential buyers are looking for something more than just a family RV to take them on two or three week's vacation each year. It's probably much more likely that buyers in this kind of market are probably planning on living in it year round.

Still, I look at something like this and all I see is a depreciating asset. Sure, it comes with a 7-year "Coach" warranty, but what's it going to be worth three years down the road, or when that warranty runs out? Does this really make good financial sense?

I suppose if I were retired and had that kind of "disposable" cash lying around (key word being "disposable"), I might look at it too. But even then, I'd probably still choke on a price tag of even only  1/10 of that, because all too often, even when it comes to cheaper and more affordable RV's, it seems to me that they end up sitting abandoned on the end of someone's driveway for most of the year, like the expensive lawn art that they ultimately are. Personally, I can think of other ways to landscape my front yard, but as with all things in life, to each their own.

I guess this post means that I now won't be getting a sales commission check from our local RV dealers this month. Hmm.

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