Monday, 13 March 2017

When All Else Fails, There's Always This ...

So I came home from work today, opening both fridge and pantry, wondering what I should have for supper. As my dear wife has been away recently visiting the kids out of town, well, cooking for one is, quite frankly, a little over rated, if not actually quite boring. Suddenly I had a new appreciation for some seniors who don't tend to eat regular meals, and ultimately move into lodges, if for no other reason than, at least they're regularly eating balanced meals. My wife works in one such lodge, so I get it.

Anyways, after disregarding the temptation to go out or to order in pizza, I decided to make myself a couple of Will's infamous grilled cheese sandwiches; rye bread, Armstrong Old Cheddar cheese (none of that processed pseudo-cheese junk), raw onion, and some pre-cooked bacon slices. A great idea and solution to the hunger pangs that knocked at my belly's door. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens (or often happens), I got distracted mid way through the cooking process (Facebook woes? -sigh), and my poor sandwiches ended up looking like refugees of a forest fire. Now what? There really wasn't a "Plan B."

Still, despite the hunger pangs, it's actually kind of funny how we tend to become like our parents. For the last number of years, my parents have practiced having their big meal at noon, and only something light in the evening, perhaps a few cold cuts or some sliced cheese. To their credit, however, they never had the distraction of Facebook or other social media accounts to spoil their dinner plans.

For people who work out of the home, that is not usually something to be easily done. After all, who has time mid-day for a big meal? And even if you did, being on the company clock usually means that you don't have time for the all-important post-feast nap afterwards. Having said that, I have suggested to my boss that I start an hour earlier and work an hour later each day so that I might be able to have that all important two-hour mid day nap. Though I can't understand why, the idea hasn't been too well received. Pity; in my way of thinking, I'd be much more productive in the afternoon if my nap idea were accepted. I really do believe the Mexicans are on to something with their mid-day siestas.

Having said that, I've somehow made a way for it to work. I typically have a big breakfast, sometimes even a second breakfast mid morning, a slightly smaller lunch, and usually an even smaller grazing-type supper in the evening. If possible, I also avoid too many evening snacks. The idea being that, while the day is young, one can burn far more calories than would be possible by eating a humungous meal at the end of the workday or into the evening.

So, given the cremated remains of some otherwise awesome sandwiches, my supper tonight was a simple bowl of cold cereal. Still, it occurs to me, that this may still be the perfect supper food after all, as opposed to a simply last minute go-to food. After all, who needs a ton of extra calories at the end of the day to leave you feeling bloated and about to pass out, and especially when they're virtually impossible to burn off? Unless you're suffering from anorexia, or some such illness, most of us are probably better without the extra calories late in the day.

So here's to you, waistline; a tasty supper time alternative, at approximately only 350 calories or less. Maybe there's hope for me and my love/hate relationship with the bathroom scale after all.

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