Sunday, 19 March 2017

Memories of Another Wall

And so it begins.

But all humour and jesting aside, does anyone else remember another infamous wall of yesteryear? Many years ago, at the height of the Cold War, I had the privilege of spending many weeks in Europe as a part of a family vacation. I was only eleven years old at the time, but I still to this day have many fond memories of that trip. One part of the trip included passing through that infamous icon of the Cold War, the Berlin wall, through its equally infamous passageway, Checkpoint Charlie, on our way into East Berlin to visit extended family.

Now, with Trump's pledge to erect another wall, this time not through part of Europe but rather through part of the America's, I cannot help but shake my head at the symbolism. Have we not learned anything from the Berlin wall? Has the passage of time clouded our memories? Are we really OK with this? Do we really need another wall? I wonder.

However, there's no real need for me to go on about this; many others have wondered the same thing, including my own father, who wrote,  "The Berlin wall was the symbol of the cold war. What will the symbol of the US President's new wall be?" Great question. So I invite you to click on the link above and ask yourself, If the Berlin wall was the symbol of the Cold War, what will the symbol of Trump's new wall be? Are we really OK with this? Do we really need another wall?

Maybe what we really need instead is bigger tables.

Something to think about. Peace?

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Photo Source: Unknown (via Facebook)

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