Friday, 3 March 2017

Lessons My Grandson Taught Me; Part 3

Well here we are, the one-month birthday of my new grandson. What new lessons has he taught me lately? Well there are a couple more that he taught me since we last talked.

First, there are the 1001 different facial expressions that are a pleasure to see. Some have been serious, some just plain cute, and others downright comical. Oh, to know what he might be thinking through each of them! My daughter has shared some incredibly awesome commentary with the many pictures she’s posted on Tinybeans. (By the way, if you’re not familiar with Tinybeans, it is an excellent non-social media network medium to share those priceless pictures of the early years with your loved ones and friends. Eat your heart out, Facebook). Maybe she’s on to something. After all, who can know a little boy as much as his mother; I love it!

When I think of some of those awesome facial gestures that my grandson makes, especially the more comical ones, I can’t help but think that just maybe he has a little of his Opa in him after all. Like my brothers and my father before me, I’ve been known for being somewhat of a humorist with puns and one-liners being a common part of my repertoire. In other words, I love a good laugh. Maybe my grandson will inherit that trait as well, and perhaps to the chagrin of his parents, be the fourth generation of comics. But then again, who says that the dear boy can’t learn a trait or two from his Opa, even if it is simply the ability to laugh and make others laugh. Note to self: laugh more often, especially in his presence. Maybe my love of humour will somehow rub off.

Another thing my grandson taught me recently is that there are only a few things in life that really matter: eating, burping afterwards, a good poop, and sleeping. Oh, and did I mention that he really likes boobs? As I thought about that, I couldn’t help wonder where we complicated things more than that. Feed me, burp me, change my dirty and wet pants, and let me sleep. And, of course, don’t forget the boobs! (Maybe that last part is just a male thing). Where did we ever lose sight of those priorities? Oh, to be able to turn the clock backwards to those innocent years of long ago. But then again, if I could somehow do that, it would still be a terribly long time until we would meet. Hmm, maybe better scrap that idea.

So, happy one-month birthday, little man. Thanks for rekindling this old man’s formerly cold and dry heart. Thanks for giving me something to smile about again. Perhaps most of all, thanks for making me an Opa, and for maybe being able to pass on that distinctive humorous gene. I love you, dear grandson. Welcome to this old world; may you somehow make it a better place.

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