Tuesday, 21 March 2017

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Well, Mr. Trump, I must say, we've been getting all sorts of strange news reports lately concerning some of your trade plans for North America, and more specifically, as they relate to trade relations between Canada and the USA. As much as I'd like to think that those reports are unfounded, I unfortunately have my reservations. Does NAFTA no longer mean anything to you? Are you prepared to scrap that agreement which has been a benefit to both of our nations, not to mention, to Mexico as well?

Please do not take this as a threat, for that is not its intent; we Canadians are much too respectful and prideful of a people to threaten anyone, especially those duly elected to represent their constituents. Let me say simply, Mr. Trump, that you are obviously free to do what you deem right for your nation. Having said that, we Canadians reserve the same right. We will collectively do what's right for our nation as well. You may not notice the difference today or tomorrow, but future reports you receive could very likely be telling you that American products on Canadian store shelves strangely seem to remain there, unpurchased, and ultimately returned to their respective US suppliers, or tossed into the nearest dumpster. Think on that, Mr. Trump. What do you suppose that would say to US businesses who count on their international sales to help to keep them afloat?

And what about the plethora of Canadian snow-birds who have historically and faithfully gone south to some American hot-spot to escape the Canadian winters? Imagine if even only half of them cancelled further winter plans in the USA for other non-American hotspots? It's not beyond the realm of possibility, Mr. President. Suppose more than half of them did? What would that do to the local economies that they typically and historically ventured into? Do you think that the lack of Canadian snow-birds would cause any of them to go out of business, or at the very least, to suffer severe financial loss? I wonder.

So, Mr. Trump, as a proud Canadian, and assuming my fellow Canadians have not yet beaten me to it, let me be the first Canadian blogger to congratulate you on your victory in the US presidential election. May God bless you and have His way with you as you govern the good people of the United States of America. However, I would hope that you do so wisely, for Canadians, although peace-loving and historically non-confrontational in nature, are also a people who also do not easily forget.

To my fellow Canadians, I'd encourage you to seriously consider "Fighting Fire with Fire." Do check out this excellent post and seriously consider where you spend your CANADIAN dollars. There are many other excellent non-American products and services available to us internationally. It may be time that we look more seriously at some of them. It may be time that we all look a little closer to the labels on the products that we purchase and take a moment to say, "Hmm, do I really want to support this economy?"

Something to think about. Peace.

Photo Source: Fighting Fire with Fire.

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