Saturday, 25 February 2017

Party On: You Won't Wake Me

I never met the man, but after reading his obituary, I feel sorry that I didn't; I'm sure I would have instantly liked him.

Meet the late Paul Culligan, formerly of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He apparently had a real zest for life and knew how to make people laugh, as evidenced by his obituary.

Oh, and did I mention that he wrote the obituary himself?

That got me thinking that I would love to pre-write my own obituary as well. What would it say? Hmm, that remains to be seen, but one thing's for certain, it would be humorous and witty, in keeping with my repertoire of puns and one-liners. And why not?! If that is how you are known in life, if laughter could often be heard from those around you because of some joke or anecdote that you just told, why should you go out in death any differently?

I also like the idea of a non-traditional funeral service or memorial. Rent a hall or restaurant back room and invite friends and family to come and share a few beers and some pizza, and share stories (or jokes) in memory of you. Take the event out of the pews and make it less a spectator event and more a participatory event. Who knows, I may even have to leave instructions with the funeral director to dress me in my favourite jeans an shirt, put some sunglasses on me, put one last beer in my hand, and sit me in the corner for the event. Here's a party I wouldn't want to miss, and besides, the cremation can always happen later. Or would that be just a little too weird?

Well there you have it. If you could write your own obituary, what would yours say?

Story / Photo Source: CBC News, 2016 July 22

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