Sunday, 25 October 2015

of Toilets and Smartphones

Remember the old complaint of yesteryear that so-and-so was taking too long in the bathroom? The complaint usually want against women, and it usually seemed to happen back in the days when most of us only had one washroom in the house (compared with the three we have today for only the two of us - Hmm).

Could you imagine how much worse it would have been had smartphones been invented back then too? The guys would all be headed for the nearest tree! In all fairness, though, smartphones have helped introduce men to extended bathroom visits too. Maybe that's why the rule of thumb when shopping for a new home today is (or ought to be), the more bathrooms, the better. At the very least, there should be one per resident. Anything less and perhaps phones should be checked at the door before heading into the throne room.

All this does beg one other question: Is it really ever wise to use someone else's phone without first putting on rubber gloves and going through a stringent ten minutes or so introduction of the phone to disinfectant wipes? At the risk of being really gross, without that precautionary step, who knows what little critters we would risk transferring to fingertip or ear. Yucky!

Bet you'll never look at your friend or spouse's phone the same way again J

Caveat: The preceding was NOT written or reviewed from a bathroom throne.
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