Saturday, 27 June 2015

Will's Beer Can Stuffed Burgers

Recently I discovered a video for Beer Can Burgers. They looked so awesome that you know I had to try it for myself. Here's how Will's experimental version turned out.

I began by making my meatballs. They weighed in at about 12 ounces each and included two parts ground lean beef to one part ground lean pork. I added one medium sized chopped onion, two eggs, about one-third of a cup of rolled oats, and a generous sprinkling of ground garlic power and ground cayenne pepper.

PS - Everything tastes better with cayenne pepper in it. Just say'n.

I then took an ice-cold can of beer and pushed it into the middle of the meat balls. I wrapped two slices of bacon around each one, and then gently pulled out my beer can to leave a pocket in the middle of the ground meat. At this point it was time for a beer break anyways, and since we didn't want to waste the cold beer (that would be alcohol abuse), it served as a nice refresher.

Next up was to boil about three baby red potatoes, skin on. Once done these were mashed with a generous serving of about three heaping tablespoons of Philadelphia JalapeƱo Cream Cheese.

To this mixture I added about half of a chopped green pepper. The mashed potato concoction was then spooned into the meatball pocket and topped off with several chunks of Armstrong Old Cheddar.

The barbecue was preheated, with a medium heat on one side, and as low a temperature as I could get on the other side. The burgers were placed on the low temperature side so as not to burn them. With a little repositioning in order to provide even cooking, they took about an hour to reach the desired 170 degree F food safe temperature. At about the half-hour mark, I basted the bacon and top with some Bullseye Guinness barbecue sauce.

A special thank you goes to:

for the recipe idea. They were awesome and even met with the approval of my better half. Next time, instead of mashed potatoes, maybe a generous filling of Will's soon-to-be-famous chili might be in order.


Well, fellow foodies, there you have it. Happy eating. 

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