Sunday, 14 June 2015

One Reason Why My Pants Keep Shrinking

As if yesterday's killer smoked pork wasn't enough, today's barbecued steak dinner should finish off the weekend rather nicely.

For some time now, when I bake potatoes, I always slice them through enough to pry the halves apart a bit, without slicing them in half completely. I then stuff a bunch of butter (the real stuff - not that horrible margarine) into the crevice, add as many finely chopped onions as will fit, and sprinkle generously with both garlic powder and cayenne pepper.

Wrap them with foil, and you're good to go. Depending upon the size of the spud, I will usually keep them on the BBQ for about an hour, turning them occasionally. Serve with a generous portion of sour cream and bacon bits (real ones preferably), and you've got a meal by itself!

As a veggie side dish - because we all need our veggies - I prepared a concoction of green and red peppers, whole mushrooms, quartered onions, and tomato pieces. They'll go on the BBQ well after the potatoes, and slightly before the steaks. You can eat them just the way they are, or if you're up for a few more calories, topping them with a little Ranch Dressing also makes for a mouth-watering treat.

As for the steaks, well what can I say? I know everyone prefers theirs a certain way, but in my humble opinion, anything more than a medium rare, is overdone. My son actually enjoys his steak a blue-rare, which is only slightly beyond the mooing stage in that it will sizzle the hair off the meat, but that's about it. Top it off with a little of your favourite BBQ sauce, and Paradise is no longer lost.

Well there you have it; another reason why my pants keep shrinking this time of year. Oh well, life's too short to eat rice crackers. Happy eating.

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