Saturday, 20 June 2015

Divorce Settlements: The "Half" Redefined

Divorce is no laughing matter, yet statistics tell us that roughly half of all marriages will end up that way. It's really quite sad.

Years ago I remember a guy I used to work with who suddenly gave his notice and quit his job. When I asked why, he told me that he figured he was getting the raw end of the deal on his divorce settlement, and so as not to have a significant portion of his income go to his ex-wife, he just quit his job. The way he figured it, she couldn't get what he didn't have.

A little drastic, I thought, but to each their own. For a while afterwards I wondered about my old co-worker and how that decision to quit a good job worked out for him. My guess is that, since it was a bit of a knee-jerk decision in the first place, it probably didn't end quite as he expected.

My brother shared a link with me about another divorce settlement in which the man's wife was awarded half of everything he had as a part of their divorce settlement. I imagine that such a settlement is probably more or less normal and as such should likely not really be a surprise. What was surprising is how literally he fulfilled the divorce settlement.

He created the following video of himself literally cutting their belongings in half. Apparently he then sent his ex-wife half of the belongings while selling his half on eBay.

While ingenious, and absolutely hilarious according to my twisted sense of humour, one has to wonder if his ex-wife was just as amused. Probably not.

PS - Poor Teddy.

Well there you have it; if you ever get divorced and are ordered by the court to give your ex-spouse half of everything, this might be an alternative. LOL. But seriously, maybe doing this to one or two mutually agreed upon belongings (but no Teddy Bears) might help you both to still put a smile on your faces, despite the divorce.


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