Saturday, 11 April 2015

of Legalizing Pot: A Conspiracy?

Now I'm not into illegal drugs, nor do I really care if they ever legalize pot as this graffiti artist no doubt believes should happen. Maybe they should, as some jurisdictions already have. In my own personal view, smoking pot is not better nor worse than alcoholism, or eating disorders, or anything else for that matter that we can find ourselves addicted to. In comparison to some legalized habits, such as smoking cigarettes, it may even be less harmful due to the fact that it doesn't have the addition of a plethora of other dangerous chemicals. Again, that's just my personal view and not one that I'm going to preach or debate here.

Having said that, I found the following illustration interesting and with a strong subliminal message: when there's money to be made by government or the big pharmaceutical companies, or both, something illegal can easily be converted and legally repurposed under the guise of helping the sick get healthy once again. In many cases it does in fact do exactly that; the sick do get better. After all, where would any of us be without a doctor's prescription when we need it? Under a doctor's care, and with some government controls, we all benefit.

Still, every once in a while, the "conspiracy theorist" in me wants to rear its head, and feed on illustrations like this. Is there a conspiracy? With the billions and billions of dollars spent (and earned) on some things, like cancer research, I do wonder sometimes; it is, after all, big business. But in the case of the pot-smoker's quest to legalize his cherished cannabis, I don't really think so ... I think ... maybe ... or then again ... perhaps ... Hmm ... .

Still, I was amused by the suggestion. Peace.

Grafitti Photo Credit: Patrick Harris, Flickr Creative Commons
Medical Marijuana Photo Credit: Unknown (via Facebook)

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