Sunday, 1 February 2015

Canada's Best Beer

Like a TV commercial that plays the viewer for a fool, or the antics of the unscrupulous used car salesman only interested in the quick sale at any cost, I generally get a little skeptical when I see or hear anything being advertised as "best." At the very least I cannot help thinking that the "best" of anything has to be subjective. Fact is, we don't all have the same taste, and that's probably a good thing. Life would be pretty boring if we all thought alike.

Having said that, as I was looking through the various stouts in my favourite beer store the other day, I saw this "Sasquatch Stout" with a little green tag hanging around its neck that made me take a second look and say, Hmm. It boasted:
"Voted Canada's Best Beer at the 2014 Canadian Brewing Awards; stacked up against 916 beers in 38 categories!"
In my books, that's a pretty significant claim, not to mention one that begs to be sampled, if not challenged. Let's just say that it didn't disappoint. With its smooth notes of mocha, coffee and roasted barley - not to mention that beautiful pitch black colour distinctive of a good stout - here's a brew that has certainly found its way to my favourite list and one that I most definitely will be looking for again. I'm not surprised that, according to the clerk at the beer store, it sells well.

"Sasquatch Stout" is a hand-crafted product of Old Yale Brewing in Chilliwack, BC. If you're a beer snob like I am, tired of the run of the mill cesspool varieties of pseudo-beer out there, you owe it to yourself to check this one out! You will be glad you did.

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