Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Nostalgic Moment via Rhyme

I came across this poem that simply begged to be reshared. It is not original to me, nor do I know who the author is, so for now it remains anonymous. If someone does know who wrote this, or what the actual title is, please do drop me a comment so that proper credit can be given.

In the mean time, do you remember times like this? Enjoy.

I remember the bologna of my childhood,
And the bread that we cut with a knife.
When the children helped with the housework,
And the men went to work; not the wife.

The cheese never needed a fridge,
And the bread was so crusty and hot.
The children were seldom unhappy,
And the wife was content with her lot.

I remember the milk from the bottle,
With the yummy cream on top.
Our dinner came hot from the oven,
And not from the freezer; or the shop.

The kids were a lot more contented,
They didn't need money for kicks.
Just a game with their friends on the road,
And sometimes the Saturday flicks.

I remember the shop on the corner,
Where cookies for pennies were sold.
Do you think I'm a bit too nostalgic?
Or is it ... I'm just getting old?

The baths were taken in a #3 wash tub,
With plenty of rich foamy suds.
But the ironing seemed never ending,
As Mama pressed everyone's 'duds.'

I remember the slap on my backside,
And the taste of soap if I swore.
Anorexia and diets weren't heard of,
And we hadn't much choice what we wore.

Do you think that bruised our ego?
Or our intuitive was destroyed?
We ate what was put on the table,
And I think life was better enjoyed.

Photo Credit: Brittany Miller Martin; Flickr Creative Commons
Source: via Facebook
Author: Unknown

Monday, 12 January 2015

Smaug Stout

Hey Hobbit fans, look what I just found:

Smaug Stout

Smaug Stout comes compliments of Central City Brewing in Surrey, BC, Canada.

One thing that caught my attention was that this stout is brewed with chili peppers, the unique taste of which was beautifully evident in the first sip. And seeing as how this stout is named after a fire-breathing dragon, and chili peppers are also often associated with fire-hot foods, it's an ingredient that, odd as it sounds, works. I, for one, enjoyed this stout and will undoubtedly look for it again.

So, if you're one of those unfortunate soul's who still has not yet become acquainted with the dragon Smaug, your bottle of Smaug Stout includes a brief synopsis of the story:

"After escaping capture by the dangerous Woodland Elves, the Dwarves journey to Laketown, and finally to the Lonely Mountain itself, where they must face the greatest danger of all - a creature more terrifying than any before, which will test not only the depth of their courage, but the limits of their friendship and the wisdom of the journey itself - the Dragon Smaug."

And just for fun, here's the official teaser trailer and inspiration for this beautiful stout. Enjoy.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The World is My Urinal and Other Signs

Someone once said, "The world is my urinal." I was out for a drive today with my better half, and as we went down a dead-end street, we had to stop when we saw this sign on the corner of a homeowner's property. It was worthy of a picture:

"Video Surveillance in use. URINATING PROHIBITED. You will be reported."

I almost wet myself laughing! Excuse me? Suddenly I felt like I had to go pee and I might have taken the sign as a dare had my wife not been in the car with me. And they were such nice looking urinals too ... I mean, trees.

Ever notice how one doesn't necessarily think about doing something until one sees a sign saying not to do it? Mr. Homeowner, have you never gone pee up against a tree before? Do you really want to film me exposing myself by fulfilling nature's call there on the edge of your property? Probably not (but it does sound rather kinky - LOL). Still, to each their own. In all fairness, maybe it has been a problem for them. We have some interesting signs on our property too.

One of my personal favourites found on the edge of my deck is this one:

"CAUTION: May Not Get Along With Others."

I will let you in on a little secret: We actually do get along just fine with others. In some ways this is simply like those "Beware of Dog" signs some people put on their property, even though they do not own a dog. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe this explains why we haven't had a lot of visitors lately. No matter; maybe sometimes that's a blessing too, in a strange sort of way. And besides, we like our little backyard hermitage just fine. Another sign we have on our deck is this one:

"No Sniveling."

My backyard deck is my sanctuary, and the last thing I want, is whining (or snivelling) there in my sanctuary.   Lord knows, we all put up with enough of that in our day-to-day interactions with others. I am extroverted when I need to be at work and other public gatherings, but as someone else has said, "Acting normal day after day is hard work!" How do I regroup? By also being a confessed introvert; go away and leave me alone! We have a doormat at our backdoor which says exactly that:

"Go Away."

We mean that in a most respectful way, of course. Hopefully it's also taken with the humour with which it was intended. Come to think about it, I guess that's basically what that other homeowner was saying too with his sign; Go away and pee somewhere else.

Ours just says "Go Away." But if you need to, you're welcome to use our tree before you do. And rest assured; there are no video cameras to record the event.
☺ ☺ 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

of Confused Calendars and Expired Eggs

Expired Eggs: Oh the horror of it all!

Imagine waking up New Year's Day, ready to make a good wholesome breakfast for the family, and discovering that the eggs have expired. That's almost as bad as running out of bacon! Whatever shall we do? Are they still safe to eat after the "Best By" date?

Or has Leap Year been moved from February to December and someone just forgot to tell the calendar? Yea, that's got to be it. Take note, every fourth year December now has 32 days. Hmm.

Photo Source: Unknown