Monday, 22 December 2014

Carolling: The Other Side of Christmas Past?

What ever happened to Christmas carol singers? Do you remember them?

Try as I might, in my fifty plus years, I don't think I've ever experienced a Christmas where I've heard people outside my door singing carols. And yet many legends and art work of Christmases past sing the praises of the carollers.

Oh, what an era that must have been as perfect strangers, innocently walking down the street, stopped suddenly outside your door to serenade you with carols of yuletide cheer.

Then again, I've often been told by my dear wife to get my hearing checked. Who knows, maybe they've been there all along and I've just been too deaf to hear them. Maybe I need a sign like this on my door too.

If ever you had any doubt before as to my twisted sense of humour, the cartoon in this post could quite possibly eliminate such a misconception.

Merry Christmas.

Cartoon source: Unknown

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