Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's in a Street Name?

Every once in a while one comes across something that makes one sit up and say, "Hmm."

If you have a twisted humorist vein running through you like I do, then you know the sort of things that I mean. Scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, I discovered yet another of those "Hmm" moments.

Imagine living on a street with this name?

Oh the jokes that could, and probably have, spawned from this street name. Not to make fun of the misfortunes of others, but for some reason the first thing I thought of centred around the infamous John and Lorena Bobbitt. In that 1993 saga, Lorena got mad at her husband John, and as he slept, cut off his ... well, you can get the gory details from the previous Wikipedia link. (I can't believe that twisted event is already more than twenty years old).

Depending upon whether or not one views their address in some twisted way as an extension of their persona, you might want to consider buying that new family home somewhere with a more appealing street name, like "Bella Vista Drive." There, doesn't that sound better?

Well there you have it; another random "Hmm" moment from The Other Side of Will. What's in a street name? You decide.

Photo Source: Unknown