Saturday, 27 September 2014

Real Men Do Eat Quiche

Yes, Virginia, real men do eat quiche. They especially eat quiche that is the soon-to-be famous, "Quiche a la Will."

(No pride here)

My secret? OK, if you insist.

It all starts with half a pound of bacon, pre-chopped, fried, and drained. Next chop about a quarter onion, a handful of mushrooms, and a bunch of broccoli. Next I sprinkled them into two Tenderflake deep dish pie shells. To this concoction, I added about fourteen eggs that were scrambled with a dash of milk. Next came a light sprinkling of cayenne pepper (MUST have a little bit of a spice-kick).

All this went into a 350 degree Fahrenheit pre-heated oven for, I don't know, until the creation was no longer liquid and there was a nice brown on the shell. Next I sprinkled a little grated Armstrong Old Cheddar onto the quiche, and returned it to the oven until melted.

For those who are calorie conscious, as near as I can tell, each pie is about 1700 calories, or about 425 calories per quarter pie serving.

What do you serve it with? A second slice, of course. Who says, "Real men don't eat quiche?" This one does.

Fast-food? You've got nothing on me!

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