Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Our New Car: The Flatula Backfire

"When the well is dry,
we know the worth of water."
(Benjamin Franklin)

So we're thinking of getting rid of the old gas-gusler and going green. The way we figure it, it's time we did our part in looking after Mother Earth and making sure there's still some green on this planet of ours to leave to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Makes sense, wouldn't you say?

After researching the automotive industry, we've come up with a winner; the Flatula Backfire. Modelled after the Smart Car, it's perfect for our urban needs! As a matter of fact, the way we figure it, the gasoline savings alone will actually pay for the car in a few short years. No other car manufacturer can boast that; not even one! They actually take the "gallons" right out of mpg.

Here's a short promotional video of the latest and the best in the automotive race to truly be eco-friendly.

The Flatula Backfire. Made with the flatulent (like me) in mind. Made because we all want to preserve our resources and have a greener Earth. Made because "gassing up" can actually be an enjoyable event, as opposed to a pain in the wallet.

The Flatula Backfire. Soon to be available at a dealer near you.

Photo Credit: mattwalker69, Flickr Creative Commons

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