Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Man Who Became Toast?

Are you bored? Are you looking to do something a little different? Are known for being a little crazy at times? Do you like birds? If so, then this activity may be for you.

Simply get your toaster out and start toasting a few loaves of bread. Actually, you may want to borrow a couple more toasters in order to speed up the process. Attach the bread to an old suit of clothing, drive to the beach, put on the toast-suit, and voila! Be bored no more!

However, for those of us who remember seeing Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, you may want to choose a different boredom reliever, unless of course, you have a death wish. I still remember how that movie scared the s**t out of me! To this day I sometimes still nervously look twice when I see a large flock of birds perched in one area. One thing's for sure, Mary Poppins' Feed the Birds it's not! {{{Shudder}}}

So for those of you who still think wearing a suit of toast to the beach might be kind of fun, and have not yet seen Hitchcock's The Birds, let me leave you with this little nightmare creator. Enjoy (or maybe not).


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